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The Only Certainty in Life

By Mark Williams

I wrote the following excerpt in the midst of my battle with cancer:

The only certainty in life is God and His love for me.  I realize that I need to fully trust in God’s goodness, recognizing that He could take me anywhere and ask me to do anything.  I have been afraid to live my life-afraid of what will be taken away from me.  Sometimes, I’ve tried to hold on so tight that I have missed life to the full.  God is giving me the opportunity to trust Him for everything now.  Life is scary anyway, I might as well yield it all to God.  I don’t have the power to pick my life up from the brink, I can only trust, and wait to see what God will do.  He promised to work all things together for my good.  I need to trust to the point that I believe that He can work my prolonged suffering and/or death out for the good of my family-as impossible as that is for me to grasp. 

Like any decent husband and father, I long to give my wife and children the very best of everything that I can.  I love to go to all of Tyler’s baseball games, Anna’s horse riding lessons, their school plays, or take Kailey to the park and let her play in the sand at the volleyball court.  I want to give them the gift of me- my time, energy and attention.  That is why the thought of dying now has haunted me so much.  What will my kids think of God if He takes me from them?  How will Laurie play the role that I desperately want to play in my kids lives?  What will Laurie do without the husband she has invested so much of her life in, the husband who finally “gets it”?

I cannot answer these questions, but God can.  Please do not think that God is not good just because there is suffering in the world, or because a young father is taken from his family against his will.  In the bible, God promised us that our lives would be filled with many trials and tribulations.  He DID NOT promise an easy life for His followers, in fact, quite the opposite.  God knows, and clearly articulates in His word, that this life is scarred with sin, pain and death.  He sent His beloved Son, Jesus, to become a man, a perfect sacrifice to pay the penalty for the sins that we commit, so that we can have a choice.  Do we want to live for ourselves and therefore completely waste our precious lives, or do we want to yield completely to God’s will in our lives by spending it for Him, and gain eternal meaning and glory in the process? 

The choice is not whether we want an easy life, or a hard life.  We will have a hard life whether we follow Christ or not.  We will be led on a journey with an uncertain outcome, whether we follow Christ or not.  But if we follow the Good Shepherd, we can be sure of the final outcome…glory and beauty beyond compare in God’s unspeakably magnificent presence FOREVER.

Please do not believe the illusion that you control your life.  Don’t believe the foolishness that there is no God.  The reality is that you will face Him one day, no doubt about it. 

Please use the contact form if you have any questions about how to surrender your life to Jesus Christ.  I would love to help you in any way I can.

About Me:

My name is Mark Williams and I am a cancer survivor currently in remission by the grace of God. I am passionate about helping and encouraging others who are fighting cancer. I actively help them think through all of the issues they face upon hearing such shocking and devastating news and offer prayer support. Sometimes people also just need someone to listen. This is a personal ministry of mine that I provide as time permits without cost and from a Christian point of view. If you would like to reach me, please use the contact form on this website

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